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Full service leasing of medium and heavy duty trucks has proven itself as more and more companies transfer the risks and problems of owning their equipment to transportation experts. Elimination of capital investment, and the costly administrative and labor related expenses necessary to maintain a truck fleet, are the major advantages. Let the experienced staff at Truckway Leasing design and engineer the vehicles and transportation program to meet your company's specific distribution needs. Our staff of professionals have the knowledge and experience to develop a program that will increase your transportation efficiencies and lower your overall costs.

Administrative Services

A further enhancement of Truckway's full service lease programs are the administrative services we provide. Our customer's leased vehicles are properly licensed with all the required permits. This eliminates any unnecessary delays at weight stations or roadside inspections. Fuel taxes are always filed correctly and within the allotted time.


Finally, Truckway's safety programs are designed so that your drivers are updated regularly on the latest Department of Transportation requirements. The Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program designed by Truckway's maintenance staff will insure the operating efficiency and safety of your vehicles during and beyond the term of the lease.

"Service With a Difference"

Discover our "Service with a Difference" that is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week. Road service is provided nationwide and in Canada in the event that your vehicle experiences a problem away from home. One call to our toll free number puts your driver directly in contact with our Service Dept. that will expedite emergency repairs to keep your products on schedule.


Attention to detail ensures that your Truckway vehicle is designed with the latest driver features which enhance driver performance and productivity. Vehicle washing is also provided to keep your company's image looking good.

Our team is anxious to help you with a Lease vs. Ownership analysis and further explain all of the benefits of a Truckway Leasing Full Service Lease!

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